MolAR lets users visualize proteins and molecules through augmented reality. Users can visualize any protein in the Protein Data Bank by entering the PDB ID in the search field.

How do I use augmented reality (AR)?

On a smartphone such as iPhone or Android, tap a molecule and point the camera to a flat surface with sufficient light. The molecule should then appear on the surface.

Why does AR not work on my device?

We currently only support augmented reality on the following devices:

What do the colors mean?

We use the CPK coloring for atoms, as shown below.

AcThPaU NpPuAmCmBkCfEsFmMdNoLr

Who are we?

This website is created by Sukolsak Sakshuwong and Umberto Raucci from the Martinez Group at Stanford University. We want to make visualization of proteins and molecules easier and more accessible to everyone. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

The structure data are from the Protein Data Bank, NCI/CADD, and PubChem. The rendering software is based on the Mol* open-source project.