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Welcome to the Reaction Template Studio (RTS) Documentation. This resource has been designed to provide essential information for understanding, utilizing, and optimizing the RTS project. The RTS project is a cutting-edge template-based algorithm developed for tasks such as reaction prediction and retrosynthesis in the field of chemistry.

In this documentation, you will find:

  1. Code Documentation: Comprehensive descriptions of the codebase, including explanations of the primary classes, functions, and algorithms utilized in the RTS project. This section aims to help users understand the underlying structure of the RTS and enable customization for specific requirements.
  2. Library of Reactions: An extensive collection of over 1600 reaction templates, meticulously organized into categories and subcategories. This section facilitates easy navigation and comprehension of the diverse reactions encompassed by the RTS.
  3. Tutorials: Detailed, step-by-step guides and examples illustrating the use of the RTS for various applications, such as reaction prediction, retrosynthesis, and template library management. These tutorials have been created to assist users in efficiently implementing the RTS.
  4. Results: A thorough summary of the RTS's performance and analysis based on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database, including insights into potential areas for improvement and the broader implications of our algorithm within the chemistry domain.

For any questions or additional support, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Cody Aldaz
  • Alessio Valentini
  • Kieran Thomson
  • Samuel Pavelites
  • Todd Martinez